Moonlight & Magnolia has released digitally at all major online stores. The Americana, AAA and Country Radio release is scheduled For Feb 20 and going for spin adds the 27th,

Recorded at Ft Worth Sound and  produced by award winning Bart Rose (who cameos some harmony). Featuring The A Team Band: Boo Massey electric guitar, Aden Bubeck bass, Milo Deering every string instrument known to man and Josh Rodgers drums along with Derek Rigdon and Scott Moody on a couple of tracks. Kristen Major and Caren Quinn lend their voices as well.  Good Stuff in here folks. Thanks to artist Stephen O Gunter for the CD cover and his image Magnolia Moonlight.




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So proud to have made the Visit Fort Worth list of the Top 5 Artist on the Rise as compiled by Edward Brown Music Writer for Fort Worth Weekly and Visit Fort Worth as well as Shayne Hollinger Program Director for 95.9 The Ranch in Fort Worth, Texas

"For fans of Townes Van Zandt. Fred Eaglesmith and.or Adam Carroll Check out the ultra-country-coolsound of Mike Childress"

Shayne Hollinger Program Director 94.9 The Ranch

Moth to the Flame makes the Top 40 of the IndieWorld Country Record Report Chart coming in at

# 34. This is Mike's first Appearance on this national chart. Thanks to all involved.